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Landak River

Scarce of tourists, explore the hidden secondary rainforest around Landak River with towering rock  formations, caves and wild orangutans


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There are several places located on the border of the Gunung Leuser National Park that are less known and explored by travellers & tourists, but are equally beautiful and interesting as Bukit Lawang. Each location offering something different and special.

By partnering with local people, we are able to offer several different eco-treks and tours in these areas with the aim of being sustainable. These are part of our Eco Sustainable Program, and by joining these eco-treks, you are supporting eco-tourism and helping local people earn an income. It also brings in money for the local community and supports the economy, thus preventing people to turn to illegal activities for income.


Adventure Trek 

Visit the Bat Cave with stastalactites and stalagmites then trek onto the hidden karst forests near to Landak River with towering rock formations where you will scramble over and squeeze through the amazing cave systems.

Duration: 6 -7 hours

Fitness Level: Average & above

IDR 600,000

butterflies-landak river.jpg

Nature Trek 

Discover the beautiful wildlife along Landak River visiting the 'King Tree' and exploring the hidden forest and rock formations at Batu Kelinci. Observe wild orangutans, plenty of birds and many butterflies.

Duration: 6 hours

Fitness Level: Low/Average

IDR 500,000

batu kelinci 2-day-trek.jpg

2 Day Eco Trek

Trek in the hidden forest in Batu Kelinci and at Batu Kapal. Explore in and round the rock and cave systems, whilst searching for wild orangutans. Then camp under an over-hanging rock with the sounds of the forest

Duration: 2 days

Fitness: Average & above

IDR enquire

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White-handed Gibbon.jpg

Gibbon Trek at Batu Katak

Trek to see and observe Gibbons and Siamangs in the unique karst forests at Batu Katak. With less established trails guests may even see wild orangutans. Sitting on Berkail river its a place to relax and admire the local community

Duration: 6-8 hours

Fitness: Low/Medium

IDR 700,000


Corspe Flower Trek at Batu Katak

Explore the karst forests at Batu Katak to see the famous Rafflesia Flower or Titum Arum flower, the largest and tallest flower in the world. Time you trip, as they only flower over serveral days

Duration: 5 -6 hours

Fitness: Average

IDR 700,000



Explore and enjoy the 'hidden paradise' of North Sumatra. We offer treks and other activities. Explore the bat cave, trek to the many waterfalls and lagoons, sit in hot springs, or tube down the river

Duration: 1 - 2 days 

Fitness Level:

IDR various

rumah pohon views of mountains pamah semilir

Pamah Semilir

Located 2.5 hours away from Bukit Lawang, enjoy an exciting motobike ride to Pamah Semilir. Stat 1 night, enjoy the scenery or felling adventurous trek for 3 hours to the amzing waterfall

Duration: 2- 3 days


IDR various

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Responsible Travel

Don't just come,travel and see, help make a positive changes

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How we Help

By working with the local community we can make small changes

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