Bat Cave & Ship Rock Tours 

The bat cave is a hidden treasure and just a short walk away. Visit Landak River, calm and peaceful for a BBQ and where the towering Ship Rock is also located.

Have a spare morning or afternoon.... would like a to explore a little outside touristic Bukit Lawang, then a visit to the Bat Cave and Ship Rock is a must.... especially is you love nature and interested in caves and rocks formations!

Bat Cave

The bat cave is located 2 km from Bukit Lawang, which can be reached by walking or by motorbike. 


The cave is a small cave system that tunnels through limestone rock and surrounded in forest. It gets its name from the fact that two species of bat live in the cave which be seen hanging from the roof within 3 cave caverns.

Landak River

Another kilometer or so along the track, sits the slow-flowing and tranquil Landak (Porcupine) river, which over-looks the mountains of the National Park. There are many stoney banks along the river to relax, swim, have a BBQ and take in the natural beauty of this place.


There are a couple of new camping areas by the river, which attracts local tourists especially at weekends. However, take a further walk alongside the river and you will sure find a spot where there is no one around and can be enjoyed in complete peace. 


Ship Rock

Another 1km walk, is the locally famous Ship Rock (Batu Kapal), a huge rock formation and cave system. The over-hanging rock looks like the front of a ship, which is where it gets its name. There are a path that runs through the major rock formation, but if you want explore this huge rock/cave formation then have a look at our Adventure Eco Trek.

Selang Pangeran

Selang Pangeran is a small tourist destination which sits besides Landak River. There are a couple of warungs selling drinks and just one guesthouse. A beautiful waterfall is located in the National Park a trek from across the river.

If you have a spare day, morining or afternoon, then these places are definitely worth a visit. Take a look at the options below


Sign for the Bat cave (Gua kalong) in a oil palm plantation on route


The opening to the bat cave has straggling fig roots hanging down which opens into the first cavern


A hole in the roof allows a beam of light into the bat cave


The view from Nama Samsah, the first place you comw to at Landak River


Butterflies drinking minerals from the sand banks at landak river


Silver-leaf monkey resting in a tree by landak river


Enjoy a walk along the beautiful landak river to Saelang pangeran


The large waterfall at Selang Pangeran flowing out fromt the top of the mountain.


Bat Cave & Landak River Eco Tour

The bat cave is quite magnificent, beautiful openings and rock formations

The bat cave is a short walk or motorbike ride from Bukit Lawang, bringing you past the Ecolodge Bamboo Restaurant, through rubber and oil palm plantations and the beautiful orphanage gardens, taking 20-30 minutes.


Along the way you may be lucky to see Thomas-leaf monkeys in the rubber plantations. 

Once you arrive, your guide will pay the entrance and will take you down to the cave opening, with dangling lianas and stragling fig roots. Perfect place for a photo!


Once in the first cavern, a beam of light shines through a hole in the roof. Walking through, you will then enter complete darkness. Your guide with take you through the cave, scrambling over and sqeezing through rocks to enter the other two caverns where you will hear and see bats. You may also see swallows nesting, crickets, spiders or even a snake.


To expore the cave takes about 1 hour. After a rest, you'll take another short walk (or motorbike) to Landak River, where natural beauty and calmness will hit you. Your guide will take you to one of the beautiful lagoons. Here you can relax, swim and eat lunch. 

If guests decided for the BBQ option, your guide will have brought everything with them. They will make a fire for the BBQ, make a tasty marinade for your chosen food, (chicken, fish, sweetcorn, aubergine, tofu, tempe). Sit back and relax whilst your food is cooked.

* Combine a tour of the bat cave with a half day trek to enjoy money off! See notes below

Tour Highlights

Cost: IDR 300,000 (BBQ extra 60,000) per person

        Bat Cave only IDR 150,000

Start Time: Bat Cave first 10am/Landak River first 11 am

Duration: 4 -5 hours

Included: Guide, entrance fee, torch, lunch, seasonal fruits 

Group Size: 1 - 4 (minimum 2)

What to Bring: Comfortable gribbing shoes, head torch/torch, swimming clothes, suncream, insect repellant  

Bat Cave & Ship Rock Eco Tour

More interested in spending the day discovering caves, huge rock formations that are geological interesting? Join this tour!

The tour will start with a short walk or motorbike ride from Bukit Lawang, through small agricultural land, rubber and oil palm plantations, arriving at the Bat Cave. If your lucky, you might spot an orangutan in the trees above. Your guide will pay the entrance fee and take you down to the cave.


The cave opening is massive with dangling roots. As you walk through the first cavern, you will come into complete darkness....time to put your torch on! Squeeze through rocks and scramble over rock formations to reach the other caverns. You will be able to see bats hanging from the ceilings. To explore the cave takes about an 1 hour. 

Leaving the cave, you will make you way to the beautiful landak river. Here your guide will find a suitable spot swimming spot to relax, swim and eat lunch.

After lunch, you will walk alongside landak river, passing rubber plantations, small karonese dwellings before walking up to Ship Rock. Ship rock is surrounded by rubber plantations, so its likely you'll see Thomas-leaf monkeys and Macaques.


Within and on top of the huge rocks and cave system, sits a fragmented forest. If your really lucky, there may be a wild orangutan resting in one of the trees. Your guide will take you through the huge over-hanging rock. You will clamber up a rock to sit looking out onto the mountains. Be amazed by the different rock formations and how they are placed.

* if you want to discover and explore the huge rock and cave system at Batu Kapal fully, have a look at the Eco Adventure Trek.

Tour Highlights

Cost: IDR 500,000 per person (with motobike extra 50,000) min 2 people

Start Time: Walking 9am/Motorbike 10am 

Duration: 6 - 7 hours

Included: Guide, local guide, entrance fee, torch, lunch, seasonal fruits

Group Size: 1 - 4 (mimimum 2) *

What to Bring: Comfortable gribbing shoes, head torch/torch, swimming clothes, suncream, insect repellant 

* if a solo person wants to go, then the cost if more... having to pay 1/2 of the second person

Ship Rock & Selang Pangeran Waterfall

Want to combine interesting geological formations with natural beauty.... then this 1 day tour/trek is for you!

There is a beautiful waterfall in the National Park at Selang Pangeran, about 7km from Bukit Lawang.  This tour will bring you to the peaceful landak river, incredible rock formations and through different habitats. Ready for a long walk or cheat and go by motorbike!

This tour will take you through small rubber and oil palm plantations before reaching the remote landak river, where peacefulness and nature greets you. Taking a short walk from the river to the towering Ship Rock. Your guide will take you into the cave system to see the amazing rock formations.


The tour will then continue alongside landak river which has so much wildlife living amongst it. Watch butterflies drink the minerals from the sand or watch bee-eaters and swallows catching insects. Walk through oil palm plantations for roughly 2 hours before reaching the secluded Selang Pangeran.


Relax by the river and eat lunch before entering the National Park and making a hike to the first a small waterfall. Take a dip in the refreshing water before making the final uphill hike to the big waterfall (about 30-40 mins). Sit under the refreshing waterfall, relax and take in the rainforests surroundings.

After, take a slow trek down the mountain, taking rest before walking again through monoculture agriculture to the road to take a bus back to bukit Lawang.

Tour Highlights

Cost: IDR 700,000 (with motorbike extra 75,000)

Duration:  8 hours

Start: 8am if walking/ 9am by motorbike

Group Size: 2 - 4 (minimum 2)

Included: guide,local guide, entrance fees, lunch, fruits, hot drink, return local bus

Fitness: Average +


* This is a long walk with a reasonably strenous trek uphill to the waterfall, finishing with a 40 minute walk to the main road to catch a bus. 

* if a solo person wants to go, then the cost if more... having to pay 1/2 of the second person


NOTE: Any of the these above can be added to any of our tours packages especially the Sumatra Eco -Discover Tour.

The tour of the bat cave can be combined with a 1/2 day jungle trek and get 10% off your trek, or 1/2 eco-trek  and get 5% off your eco-trek!

Please contact us for more details